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Last Hope - Aiba Masaki

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Dec. 1st, 2013 | 10:35 pm
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Finally I have the time to write about this drama. It left a deep impression on me and I really need to write down my thougts about it.
As this review will contain spoilers, I'll put the part with the spoilers under the cut, so only read it if you watched it already or if you don't care to read how it ends, but I do not recommend you to do that because it'll make the drama less enjoyable to you if you know how it ends.


I only finished this drama about two weeks ago.
Aiba is my ichiban in Arashi, but I never felt the urge to watch the drama. The reason is probably that I wasn't very happy with his last two dramas. Aiba isn't the best actor among the Arashi members, we all know that, but he is cute when he's acting and it makes me happy to watch him. However, the plot of Bartender and also Mikeneko was, sorry, terrible. Bartender was pretty boring although it had an amazing cast and in Mikeneko all I did was pittying Aiba for the terrible role he had to play. Honestly, all the other characters were cool, but Aiba's character was just pitiful (at least that's what I think).
However, I watched the NEP League with the Last Hope Team for some reason and then I suddenly felt the urge to watch the drama and after finishing the first episode, I knew I wouldn't regret it.

I was drawn in by Aiba's character from the spot. First of all, I think Aiba is made to wear that lab coat, it suits him so so good!!! Also, his hair is great, I think I like it that much because it's really straight and really dark. It gives his face a mystical touch.

(Just look at him, isn't he beautiful???)

But it's not just Aiba's (amazing) physical appearance that made me fall in love with him again, it's also the character he portrays. Somehow a bit of Aiba's own personality was included into the role.
He plays Hatano Takumi, a general practitioner, who was sent to the hospital by his father in order to gain more experience. The hospital just opened a center for translational medicine and that's where Aiba's character is going to work. His colleagues are all the best dotcors from their field and their mission is to rescue patients that were sent away from other hospitals. Basically, they are their "Last Hope".
Hatano Takumi is someone who is not simply looking at the patient's illness, but also on the emotions of the patient, of the people that accompany the patient and the surrounding influences that might affect the patient. He truly tries to help wherever he can and this includes figuring out the patient's feelings and helping him going through the process of the cure, not just on the medical level but also on the emotional side.
This kinda makes me think about Aiba's very own personality, because I see him like that too. Aiba is always trying to help his friends and other people around him to feel better. He tries to make them happy with his actions, but even more he helps them with his kind words and attitude.
Still, Hatano Takumi had also some weird habits that totally reminded me of Aiba-chan. No matter where he was or what he was doing, it was absolutely necessary for Hatano Takumi to eat his 3pm snack. Also, he was doing weird excercises before he went to see a problematic patient. He explained to his colleagues that those movements were said to relax and to make the brain open for new ideas.
Last, but not least, Aiba showed us many wonderful expressions in this drama. I could see him laugh a lot. His smile is something I could not live without, it makes me happy whenever I see it. But you don't even need to see his beautiful smile to knwo that he is laughing.

It's enough to take a look at his eyes and you immediately feel the happiness that he is radiating.
However, he also showed us a very serious side of his. There were scenes when his face showed us exactly that he was more than desperate to find out about his past and the more he figured out, the more he was hurt.

But I think that his serious side and also his tears were very beautiful.

Despite Aiba's very impressive character, the story was amazing and really thrilling.
I have to admit that I have no idea about medicine, so I cannot comment on all the operations and things they did or discussed. I saw people writing that somethings were far away from the reality, but that's probably why they always write "This drama is fiction" at the end of each episode^^ I didn't mind and I also didn't care about the correctness of those medical things because it was not important to me if it's possible to do it in reality or not.
However, this drama wasn't only about operations and how to save the patients. The past of the characters was revealed step by step each episode and around the fifth episode I realized that everything was linked in some way.
I also had a very bad feeling about Aiba's past and I am proud to say that I figured out what happened to him after the 10th episode (yes, out of 11, but still, usually I am pretty bad in realizing such things^^°). Still, I was shocked to realize that I was right after the drama ended because I had hoped it wasn't true. I could not understand how somebody could do this to its very own child.

Basically, what happened to Aiba kept me thinking about it for a long while. And it was also the point that made the drama very impressive to me. They touched a topic that is worth to think about in my eyes.
How far should medicin go? How far should scientist be allowed to do research? Is all this morally correct or not?
It is obviously not correct to "produce" another child just to use its organs for the child that was first born but is ill and to keep it alive. Just the thought of doing it to a child makes me wanna scream in frustration. However, if there are those possibilties, how many parents would go as far as doing it in order to rescue their child? How much does human life value then? Do we only produce clones of us in case we get ill and need new organs?
These are all questions I started thinking about and to be honest, I can't even answer them. I don't know what I would do if I'd been offered such an opportunity. Would I decide to die because I think it's morally wrong to produce a human being just in order to use it as my organ producer? Or would I accept the offer and live a normal life, knowing there will always be someone who can help me put if I get ill.
Of course a lot of things would become easier if scientist would be able to do it and if it's be allowed, but what about human emotions, values and traditions then?
Honestly, touching this subject was brave but a great idea!

All in all, I think this was Aiba's best role so far. He played the character of Hatano Takumi very convincing and I enjoyed watching every single minute of it. I wished the drama would have lasted longer so that I could watch more of amazing Aiba in a lab coat.
Now my wish for him to get a new drama is stronger than ever and I am praying that he will get a new chance soon!

Everybody who didn't gave the drama a try yet, maybe because of the same reasons as I did, I really REALLY suggest you to do it. You won#t regret it, believe me^^

(a last screencap because he is just too pretty)

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Shadow's Lair

From: geminiasp
Date: Dec. 2nd, 2013 11:42 pm (UTC)

I love your review! I have been wanting to watch this for a while, unfortunately my computer won't play videos that I download to it. (my computer is old...) I'm glad you enjoyed this drama!

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From: silver_crystall
Date: Dec. 3rd, 2013 11:05 am (UTC)

Haha, I never really thought someone would read it^^

That's really sad you can't watch it because it's really worth it, but one day I'm sure you'll have a new lappi that can play the videos!

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! <3

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