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Ryusei no Kizuna - Nino

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Dec. 27th, 2013 | 09:58 pm
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So, this time I went for a Nino drama.

If I was ever forced to name the Arashi member I like the least, it would be Nino. He can be cute and I really like the area around his nose and mouth, but I somehow get annoyed by his bratty remarks and that it's never his fault but the other's or the microphone's or whatever...

Nevertheless, I adore his ability as an actor. I feel that when he is acting, he's a slightly different person. He's a bit less annoying and a bit more cute^^

I wanted to watch since drama since ages. I like Toda Erika and Nishikido Ryo, so this was a must-watch for me. I have no idea why it took me that long to finally start “Ryusei” but some weeks ago I really felt like giving it a try.


My rating for the drama would be “okay”. It's not an outstanding drama in my eyes, just simply nice to watch and follow the life of the three siblings.

When I read the summary of the drama I thought that it's actually quite a heavy one. I mean, siblings that look for the murderer of their parents doesn't actually sound like fun. However, as soon as I watched the first episode, I realized that I might have to change my idea about the whole drama. Despite the quite heavy plot it's funny and I had to smile a lot more than I imagined it.

Although Toda and Ryo were doing great in this drama, it was basically Nino's role that made me crack up so much. I like his role, I really do! And I actually think he didn't had to act much for his role as I imagine him to kinda be like that in real life. Okay, let me explain my thoughts^^

Nino played the role of the oldest of the three siblings. That's why he had constantly worried about them, especially about his little sister. He cared about them a lot and was always there when they needed his help. Don't you think Nino is like that too? He's bratty, yes. He's mean sometimes, yes. But all in all he really cares for his band members and I'm sure that whenever one of them has a problem, Nino would listen and try to help. If Nino loves someone dearly, I am sure he'll do everything for this person. That's why I think this part of the role he played is not far away from his real character.


Isn't that the face of someone who really cares about you? If Nino would look at you like that, don't you think he'll always be there for you, listen to your worries?

That's the way he looked at his siblings and it's such a loving look that I feel like falling around his neck, thanking him for always taking care of me^^

Furthermore, in the drama Nino's character was the one who would take care of figuring out the plans how to trick other people out if their money. Honestly, if I take a look at Arashi the only member being able to come up with such a plan would be Nino, wouldn't he?! He is clever enough to think of a way to get the money. Nino would manage to make a plan where nothing goes wrong and everything fits so they won't be found out. He would be the mastermind behind the whole thing, taking care everybody does his job accordingly.

Also, Nino is very talented in giving false impressions of himself. He was able to deceive poor Togami-san (played by Kaname Jun) perfectly. That guy would have never guessed that he was talking to the brother of the girl he was in love with. And be honest girls, isn't Nino able to let us think of him what he wants us to think?


Just look at this picture. It's from the drama. Doesn't he look all innocent and cute and pure? Well, girls, I think we know better...but that's what I mean. He can manipulate us to his will and I am amazed whenever I catch myself squealing about his purity^^

I don't want to say that Nino didn't put any effort in this drama or his role. I am sure he did and he thought about the character he portrays in detail. It's just that this is kinda HIS role. It suits him and mostly I saw Nino in the drama and not Ariake Koichi, the character he played.

However, there were scenes that were able to show his true ability as an actor. Just look at that face!!!


Yes, he was very troubled in this scene and was battling with his emotions. I think his expressions shows it very well.

However, most of the time he was being Nino and I actually enjoyed this fact at lot. I always wished for an older brother (which is impossible now LOL) but if I would get the chance to chose an Arashi member to be my big brother I would demand Nino to take the role immediately. He would care for me, he would always be there for me and I could always rely on him no matter what I did or what I'm up to.

So, everybody who feels like watching Nino being Nino should give this drama a try. There are plenty of other movies and dramas to watch if you want to see Nino acting a completely different character than he is like Ooku or Platina Data.

However, Ryusei no Kizuna is nicely to watch as it shows Nino's natural side. You'll definitely enjoy the interaction with Toda, Ryo and Kaname Jun.

If you ever watched the drama or if you plan to do, let me know if you agree with my opinion. Maybe I am the only one who sees Nino like that?^^

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