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Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru (Aiba)

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Feb. 3rd, 2014 | 10:22 pm
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I've always wanted to watch it. However, I only had the raw and never found subs, but this weekend, I was able to find some.
So, in between all the studying for school law, I watched the drama as a reward for remembering another 15 tasks of a headmaster^^ (honestly, school law is a very VERY dry topic!)
Aaaanyway, this drama kept me alive over the last three days and I do not regret watching it.
It's quite an old drama (from 2003 if I'm right), so we have Baby Aiba in this here. (just because of Aibaby it's worth watching)

Summary (in my own words)
This drama is about a high school that takes drop-outs from other schools and tries to make them graduate. So all problematic kids are gathered at this school.
A former graduate from this school (meaning he was a former drop-out too) managed to get his life onto the right path and became a teacher. He comes back to his old school in order to start his teaching career there. He has to handle all the delicate matters that come up (rebellion, boykott of his lessons, smoking, pregnancy, usage of drugs). Still, he never loses confidence and always believes in his students.

Aiba in this drama
As I said, it's old and has baby Aiba in this. Reading the summary you would guess he's acting as a student. Nope, he's a teacher.
Honestly, I have no idea who thought Aiba might be suited for this role. It's not that I think he's unable to play the role as a teacher, he is. But, he looks more like a student than a teacher in my eyes.
If you look at his class, some of them even look older than him. And now tell me how such a teacher can gain respect from the students that don't really care about anything...
Actually, some of his students WERE older than him. (yep, the guy grabbing his jacket is a student!)
Anyway, he got the role and I'm actually pretty happy about any role Aiba gets. Still, it's only a side role. He was a teacher at the school, but not the main character. However, whenever he turned up, I began to squeal at the little baby. I mean, just look at him...the suit looks a bit too big on him, doesn't it?
Maybe it's because he had always have a long and slender body...
But he was a cute sensei...
He was very much liked by the female staff of the school who made sure he ate enough^^
And he wore glasses!
(like the pic although he is a bit blurry)
Also, towards the end of the drama, it was shown that he really cared for his students.
(yeah, Aiba is visiting his student in his dorm - no, he is not living there^^)

But here we are at a point that made me want to see Aiba in a teachers role again. Aiba is someone who accepts people as they are. I never heard him nagging about Nino being mean to him or about Jun being a bitchy-princess. This is very important for a teacher, especially someone who is dealing with "problematic" kids. I think, now that he is older, he could easily play the main role in this drama - a teacher who deals with the various problems of his students, who believes in them and treasures them as the people they are. It's a role that really suits him and I think he will be able to play it really nicely!

My general thoughts on this drama
It's a drama about school, about dealing with kids that are different, about teachers that believe.
I'm a teacher too. Also, like Aiba in this drama, at the beginning of my teaching career. So, I have my very own pedagogical views on this drama. Of course, there were tons of scenes where I thought that this won't work (a child who is raging against you will never listen to your speech if it's longer than 5 seconds...).
However, knowing what I get myself into when watching this drama, I accepted things as they showed them and let me carry away by the flow of the drama. Because I think, it will only destroy the fun if you constantly nag about how things were done. If you only find scenes to complain about, you should stop watching. It is hard if the drama is set in the field you're an expert in, but then you should really be easy on the writers.
Still, there were different things I noticed that are important in teaching.
Students want to rely on the teacher. They want to confide in them, trust them. They want to go to them and tell them about their worries and they want to be taken serious. Nothing hurts them more if a teacher is not listening to them or doesn't even have time to hear what they want to say. A good relationship between teacher and students is gained by trust. If I trust them to do things on their own and praise them if they did, they will realize that I treasure them. And it makes me, as a teacher, proud of them. It doesn't have to be a good mark. I rather see them dealing with social topics like helping each other out or becoming independent, doing things on their own and succeed. This makes me happy!
And in the drama, exactly this trust between teacher and students was shown. You could feel that the teacher valued his students and that they came to trust him more and more until they all were a big unity.
The methods of the teacher to gain their trust were a questionable to me. I'd definintely scream way less than he did, but there are different teaching types^^

The Special
There is a Special but it doesn't have Aiba in it as it playes ina time before Aiba entered the school as a teacher. However, Sho is acting as a problematic student.
I already started watching it, so be sure to read my thoughts on the Special soon^^

With these words, let's say good-bye to Aiba-sensei~

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From: sho_raburabu
Date: Nov. 5th, 2014 02:19 pm (UTC)

Hi! Just wondering, where did you found the subbed version coz i've been looking for it too but no luck :(

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