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Triple kitchen - Aiba Masaki

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Mar. 7th, 2014 | 02:10 pm
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Sooo, I am back from my vacation and school has started again.
To get out of this "I am back from Japan and feel nothing but the urge to fly over there again RIGHT NOW - depression", I am watching lots of Japanese movies that I always wanted to watch. It gives me a slight feeling of still being there...at least for those two hours.
Also, I was lucky enough to find a movie subbed that I always wanted to watch. TRIPLE KITCHEN.
Aiba has a minor supporting role in it and since I am hunting every movie with him (even if it's just a tiny little appearance), I was really happy. Without even knowing what the movie is about, I started watching.
Now I'll write my thoughts and impression about this movie along with some screenshots I made. However, the quality of the movie was not the very best - it's quite old afterall, from 2006. Still, I hope you can see Aiba^^

Let's start with a summary of the movie.
It's about a family that lives together under the same roof. The name "triple kitchen" comes from the three kitchen that are in the house. They said that as long as you have a kitchen, you cannot call it "living together", but more like "living in three different apartments that are under the same roof"...
The first kitchen belongs to a mother and a father. They are quite old already, having grandchildren. The woman is looking after the shrine that belongs to the house. The second kitchen belongs to a family. It's the son of the mother and the father. He had married a quite self-confident woman. They have two children. The third kitchen belongs to the daughter of the shrine priest and her husband. She married and the man lives together with her in the house. This is where Aiba comes into the picture because he is playing this role. Very cute, but I will come back to that later.
(this is the priest, her husband, he son, her daughter and Aiba, as the daughter's husband)

The family with the two kids just came back from London. The man was working there. The children are speaking English and the small boy even has some troubles with Japanese. They cannot hold their chopsticks properly and overall are not the typical "Japanese-children" concerning their behaviour (it's not that they are ill-mannered, just more blunt).
Of course this is hardly acceptable for the very traditional priest...
And here we are at the movies basic point. It's the quarrel about the mother-in-law and the wife of her son. Everything the wife does is wrong (that's what the mother-in-law is convinved of) and the behaviour of the mother-in-law is annoying for the wife. They go on quarreling until they realize that they need each other to make their loved ones happy. They need to work together to provide them with the happiness they need. However, this doesn't mean that quarreling is forbidden^^

The plot of the movie was not the most interesting and surprising one. However, it wasn't boring nor annoying. It was okay and you could follow it easily. So, it's nothing too heavy.
The acting was also acceptable. Again, not the very best acting I ever saw but nothing horrible either. Both main actresses did a good job and also the supporting roles were nice to watch.
And now I am at the point where I can ramble about Aiba-chan.
First of all, let's start with a picture.
It was at the time where he had his really short hair.
His role was, as mentioned above, the husband of the daughter of the family. The daughter was also a quite outgoing person. I'd say he was a bit henpecked, but he seemed to be totally fine.
It was a role that suited him. He had actually quit his job because he didn't like it. However, in front of the parents he acted as if he was going out every morning just to climb back in the minute after. His wife, though, knew about this.
When he tried to sneak in again, the wife of the priest's son caught him, convinced he was a burglar and that's how he ended up with his arm in the shawl. Poor Aibaby!
However, she organized a job interview for Aiba. Look at him in the suit *.*
So cute. He looks a bit dumbfounded here because he was just told that his blogg was being sold. He was writing about his mother-in-law quarreling with his sister-in-law. It selled good^^
However, he didn't got a job, just the information that his blogg sold. So, nothing changed basically ;)
Also, he was taking care of the kids from his brother-in-law. The boy seemed to enjoy it on Aiba's arms...who would not?
Also, what I really liked about his role was, that he seemed to be totally in love with his wife. He was smiling at her throughout the movie and she was clinging to his arms when something bad happened. They seemed like the perfect happy couple. He was really really cute!
It made me reconsider if mabye Aiba might not be such a bad husband after all^^ (cause right now I am also on the trip that if I had to chose an Arashi member as husband, I would definitely go for Sho ;D)

Well, those were some of the scenes Aiba appeared in. All in all it weren't that much, but he was cute and cheerful and I really liked his role.
So, it's already worth to watch it just to see happy Aibaby.
But I also think that you wouldn't regret watching it too much. You just have to keep in mind that this is not he super impressing movie,just something to pass time nicely.
So, I am glad that I finally managed to watch it! Even if it was just for Aiba <3

If anyone of you ever decides to watch this movie or had already watched it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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