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Mar. 25th, 2016 | 06:05 pm
mood: okay okay

Hey everybody~

I haven't written in ages but that doesn't mean that I am not active anymore.

I still try to follow Arashi and I am still watching lots of Jdrama! I just simply do not post stuff here^^;;

Recently, I found my singing mate sky_fish7 and since december we are working together on some fancovers.
I simply wanted to list them here in case someone wants to listen to it^^
They are all located on sky's soundcloud, but I go there and listen to the covers once in a while too.
Also, I am only singing the normal melody. Sky is the one doing the amazing job with the harmonies ;)

Also, in a crazy moment I cam up with a unit name for us. That's why you can find all the covers under the name of "SkyKitty" ;)

And here we go with the songs. (There are only 4 up to now but there will be more^^)

Arashi - Aozora no Shita Kimi no Tonari (our first collab and Aiba's b'day present)

Arashi - Troublemaker (Sho's b'day present)

Arashi - Bittersweet (Celebration Song for Valentine's Day)

Kanjani8 - Clover (Celebration Song because Spring finally started)

So, which one do you like best? I cannot really decide... I like them all in a way, but I think, Aozora is my fav until now^^

I hope you like them!

Best Wishes,

Kitty <3

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