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[sticky post] An introduction to "me"

Nov. 3rd, 2013 | 10:52 am
mood: lazy lazy

Hello everybody,

I'm Kate.
There is not much to say about me except that I LOVE Japan. I like the cities and the people there and I seriously love the way people respect each other over there. Mostly, I am watching JDrama and listen to Jmusic. My fav is Arashi and except for Kanjani, Toma, Pi and a few HSJ, V6 and TOKIO members, I don't know the other groups or names or whatever. Other than that I like Perfume, Becky and Kanashina Kano. I am also listening to a lot of drama OST.

Regarding my number one in Arashi...I'm mostyl wavering between Aiba and Jun. Right now, Aiba is my favourite, but Jun comes really reeeaaaally close after him, so sometimes they change positions (great...that sounds weird now^^°). However, I love the other three as well, just Nino sometimes gets on my nerves with his bratty and self-content attitude - still, I like him^^

This journal will stay pretty empty, I guess. I am quite active on LJ though... as you can see on the number of my comments^^

I'm not opposed on making new friends here at LJ. I just ask you to leave a message or a comment or whatever when you add me to your firend's list (if I don't know you...). I am always happy to chat with people about Arashi or Jdramas! <3

I'm looking forward to make new friends here!

Kate <3


Mar. 25th, 2016 | 06:05 pm
mood: okay okay

Hey everybody~

I haven't written in ages but that doesn't mean that I am not active anymore.

I still try to follow Arashi and I am still watching lots of Jdrama! I just simply do not post stuff here^^;;

Recently, I found my singing mate sky_fish7 and since december we are working together on some fancovers.
I simply wanted to list them here in case someone wants to listen to it^^
They are all located on sky's soundcloud, but I go there and listen to the covers once in a while too.
Also, I am only singing the normal melody. Sky is the one doing the amazing job with the harmonies ;)

Also, in a crazy moment I cam up with a unit name for us. That's why you can find all the covers under the name of "SkyKitty" ;)

And here we go with the songs. (There are only 4 up to now but there will be more^^)

Arashi - Aozora no Shita Kimi no Tonari (our first collab and Aiba's b'day present)

Arashi - Troublemaker (Sho's b'day present)

Arashi - Bittersweet (Celebration Song for Valentine's Day)

Kanjani8 - Clover (Celebration Song because Spring finally started)

So, which one do you like best? I cannot really decide... I like them all in a way, but I think, Aozora is my fav until now^^

I hope you like them!

Best Wishes,

Kitty <3

Scene Shirt (self-made)

Mar. 10th, 2014 | 10:29 pm
mood: tired tired

This definitely deserves a post ;)

I always love the design, with the clouds and the wonderful blue sky and the glitter! Yes, that was a great idea!
So, when you cannot buy it, what do you do?
Make it by yourself!

I have no idea how long it took me (long!), but now that it's done it doesn't matter anymore!^^
I went for Nino's design here. Ohno's and Sho's shirt were sleeveless what I didn't want for me and Aiba's shirt was full of holes. Jun's shirt was with so many buttons and things that I thought it's hard to re-make. And Nino's design was so nice and glittery with all the sequins.

Basically, my trip to Japan saved that shirt. I had the picture drawn onto the shirt and the sequins on the frame. However, I was wavering if I should use the big sequins for the clouds too. They were a bit too big for me there...so, I was thinking about using beads. But then, THEN, I discovered the little sequins in a Japanese shop. I was so happy!!!

So, finally, let me present you my masterpiece^^
(I really started with a white shirt here!)
Masterpiece under the cut^^Collapse )

Sewing Project Nr. 2 (ongoing)

Jan. 26th, 2014 | 10:20 pm
mood: creative creative

Soo...I've continued sewing^^
My mum is going crazy with me cause I keep asking her how to do things, but she always helps me. Without her help I wouldn't have made it that far.
Click of you're interested^^Collapse )

My first self-made pillow

Jan. 6th, 2014 | 05:21 pm
mood: tired tired

Yes, this deserves an entry in my journal.
There are different reasons.

1. I'm quite an idiot when it comes to needle and thread. Whatever I touched, it ended up in a mess^^° This time, however, I really managed to get something done. Something that doesn't look like an accident. That's why I am proud!

2. I ALWAYS wanted to have it. Ever since I saw it lying on the sofa in HnA for the first time, I wanted it. I loved it and I thought it was a really nice idea from whoever to put it on that sofa.

3. Basically this just shows that Arashi makes me way too creative. Way to creative in that way that I actually don't even have time to do something like this LOL But I did it anyway and I don't regret it (maybe just my body who is in serious lack of sleep!)^^

Now let me present you the masterpiece :D


That's on my parent's sofa, but I transferred it to my bed now ;)
I didn't manage to find other fabric, but I think the light version looks pretty nice too!

And as a reference what I am actually talking about:

vlcsnap-0001510.jpg w=300&h=168

You see that pillow behind Nino?! THAT'S IT!^^
Unfortunately there is no way to sew me the Nino too. I think he would make himself quite good in my bed too LOL

So, now I end this post although I am still way too proud about myself ;)
Let's see what this new year brings for me and my sewing machine^^